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Before ordering...

  • All designs displayed are special embroidery files purchased from designers/digitizers. If you don't see something that you have in mind, just email with your special request.

  • Most items are custom creations, which means they cannot be returned or exchanged.  Please read this page carefully to avoid any problems, misunderstandings, or mistakes.

  • Once your order is placed, you will have an opportunity to review a proof before construction begins.

  • For design, font, and color preferences, please indicate these in the message box attached to each product on the order page.

Available blanks

Most blanks are available in any size and a great variety of colors.

Most garments are 100% cotton.


Bodysuits, gowns, rompers, dresses, tees, and ruffled tees are ordered from several different blanks suppliers. Most items run true to size. If you are concerned about the fit, please email me with measurements.



How to order monograms

Traditional style calls for the last name to be placed in the center of the first and middle initials (for females). When ordering, list your initials exactly the way you prefer they be stitched. For example, if your name is Jane Doe Smith, you would list your monogram initials as JSD. Other styles are available upon request. See all the current font and monogram selections here: Selections


How to order color choices

There are endless fabric designs available, along with multiple thread colors to coordinate. Please state your color preferences in the message box attached to each product.

Caring for your embroidered item

Blanks and applique fabrics are pre-laundered to minimize shrinkage, which can affect the long-lasting appearance of your embroidered item. No harsh detergents or softeners are used in the process...only "free and clear" products.


To maintain the fresh look of your item, turn the embroidery/applique to the inside before laundering. Unless otherwise noted, all products can be machine washed and dried. If appliques appear to pucker after laundering, turn the design inside out and, using a press cloth (knit or woven cotton cloth), press with medium heat.

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